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Crossroads: An Obituary

As you will know, our beloved Crossroads has ended, and it's taken us all weekend to stop crying.
Well, not really. But we were quite sad as the final titles rolled over a black screen.
The team had pulled out all the stops to deliver a corker of a farewell episode, though. The first half of the episode saw the entire cast gathered at the Cat In The Moon to watch Scott's home movie about life at Crossroads. This served to prove that all of the characters were one-dimensional stereotypes by reducing each of their traits to a brief 10-second comedy sequence. And the last we saw of our friends as we have known them was Max snogging Angel outside the hotel, in a glamorous heart-shaped fade out.
The best was yet to come, though, as we discovered that (as we revealed months ago, except nobody believed us) Angel was actually a checkout girl called Angela with dodgy crimped hair who had dreamed the whole thing.
All of the cast were present for a ten-minute comedy sequence set in the supermarket.
The fantastic Jane Gurnett pulled yet another triumphant comedy accent out of her big bag of acting to portray Kate as a gossipy checkout fishwife who looked like this:

Other bits we liked:
» Ryan as a fumbling geek.
» Ethan Black attempting to menace Kate and Angel with a banana.
» Helen's fake tan, and the fact that she was portrayed in the supermarket scenes as a dreadful singer. Ahem.
» Kate: "So what are you going to do tonight then?". Angel: "Dunno. Might bake a cake."
» All of it, basically.
It would not be unfair to say that we created this website purely to give us a forum to write about Crossroads but, even though it's now just a memory, we plan to soldier on. It's what Jane Asher would have wanted.

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