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Fed's a fudd

Federico has been distinctly less gobby since causing the failure of the second task in a row.
Despite the team's valiant efforts in fannying about like Scouts for the last few days, they fell at the final hurdle when Federico recited the Cub Scout Promise instead of the Cub Scout Law.
Luckily, news that the housemates weren't getting, er, "fed" went down suprisingly well.
"For fuck's sake, it's a fucking load of bollocks," mused Ray, who boasts an accent that adds that extra edge to the f-word.
"Fucking arseholes.
"Fucking wankers, it's the fucking biggest load of shite."
Now, in the only process that he has actually got right, Federico has correctly come to the conclusion that it probably isn't the best idea to let everyone know it was him who let team down. Again.
As a result, he's tried all manner of techniques to avoid spending time with the other housemates, including hiding under his duvet till lunchtime, and spending longer than usual in the bathroom.
One of the least successful methods, however, has to be when he tried to stick his head up Ray's arse (pictured).
The contestants have only £36.23 to spend on food for next week, and so far Gos has drawn up a varied menu of beans on toast and, uh, bread.
But not all's lost. They've ordered three carrots and a jar of lemon curd, too.

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