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The tide is high

lowculture has a certain fondness for the wondrous spectacle that is The Eurovision Song Contest, which will be beaming its way from Latvia on May 24 this year.
Yet among the show's harshest critics are those that took the top honours in years gone by.
Yep, Katrina Leskanich - who was thrust back into the limelight when she won the competition with Love Shine a Light in 1997 - has revealed her true dislike of the whole affair*, with use of the following aromatic analogy:
"You go there and you hear all the songs and it's kind of like when your dog takes a crap in the corner of the room," said the former Katrina and Waves singer.
"At first it's really offensive, and then you don't smell it any more and it loses its offensiveness and that's what the songs are like.
"Turds in the corner, that's what they are."
Now, apart from making us fully aware that anyone visiting her home won't be Walking On Sunshine so much as wading through dog crap, we weren't entirely unsurprised by the mouthy one's outburst.
But we have to admit at feeling a little let down by the comments of Martin Lee, who helped secure a previous British win in 1976 with the camp as Christmas Brotherhood of Man and their rendition of Kisses For Me. He reckons the contest is boring and needs brought up to date.
Still, it's Katrina who feels the hardest done by, complaining: "We had four consecutive weeks on Top of The Pops, a number two hit record, but at the end of the day it made fuck-all difference."
For those of you who can't remember her Euro-winning song, let us refresh your memories: It's the one that's really offensive at first . . .
*You could always say the Love Whines It's Shite (see what we did there?)

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