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Great Caesar's Ghost!

Amazing facts about May 1:
» The lowculture A1 calendar highlights Paul this month. Our Six calendar, meanwhile, shows all six of them – hoorah!
» In 1991, waxworks of Francis Rossi and Rick Parfill of Status Quo were unveiled at the Rock Circus in London. We think they should be melted down and turned into Cheeky Girls.
» MC Hammer asked those planning to attend the USA Harvest Hunger Relief Concert to bring a can of food along. To throw at him during his performance, presumably.
» This time last year, it was revealed that Robbie Williams was to record a duet with Jonathan Wilkes, who we believe is his best friend. We're still waiting. Not very anxiously, but waiting all the same.
» Give Us A Clue team captain Una Stubbs is 66 today. Unlike her male counterpart, Lionel Blair, she is not currently guest-starring in Crossroads. Owen Paul's favourite waste of time today will be blowing out the candles on his birthday cake, as he turns 41. And Chris Kelly, better known as half of Kriss Kross, is an ancient 25. The Mac Dad, or possibly the Daddy Mac, will make you wish him many happy returns.

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