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Blow me!

Amazing facts about April 30:
» The first ice cream cone made its debut in 1904.
» Ellen DeGeneres complained that her sacking from her TV show 'Ellen' was because she was gay in 1998. It wasn't – it was just because it was rubbish.
» In 1997, it was reported that Mariah Carey had been in a street brawl with her record producer, marking the start of a lengthy 'difficult' period.
» Dickie 'World of Sport' Davies is 70 today. His moustache is probably about 54. Angus Lennie, who played the mental Scottish chef in the original Crossroads, is 73 today. And, spookily, Leslie Grantham, the other half of Den and Angie has his 57th birthday today (it was hers yesterday).
» Today is International Noise Awareness Day. Turn it up loud, people!

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