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Amazing facts about April 29:
» Celebrity bampot David Icke is 51 today. With any luck, a race of alien lizard beings will emerge from the earth's crust and install him as our new overlord in honour of the great occasion. This means that the KLF's Bill Drummond, 50, is not the most bonkers celeb to have a birthday today, amazing as this may seem. Anita Dobson, Angie from EastEnders and the woman who gave us the splendid single Anyone Can Fall In Love, is 54. Cricketer Phil Tufnell will be celebrating his 37th birthday in a jungle somewhere, for some reason. Jo S Club will celebrate turning 24 today, perhaps with a game of bingo and a few hours at the slot machines. Kian Egan from Westlife is 23, but looks at least five years older, sadly.
» This time last year, Dawn French and Jennifer Saunders received an honourary Golden Rose of Montreux for their 'unique contribution to television comedy (ie several series' full of painfully self-indulgent and unfunny parodies, and one good I Should Be So Lucky opera gag).
» In 1999, it emerged that Tara Palmer-Tomkinson had checked into an addiction clinic to recover from her 'hectic lifestyle'.

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