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10 thoughts on the return of Dirty Den to EastEnders

1. This could be really good.
2. On the other hand, it could also be really bad.
3. OK, we didn't ever see a body, but ...
4. Didn't they later fish one out of the river? Which Sharon identified?
5. Mind you, if we remember correctly, she could only identify him by a ring he was wearing, so it could have been anyone.
6. Well, possibly not anyone, but you know what we mean.
7. The guy who plays the 'new' Den Jr must be feeling a bit insecure today – after all, they are hardly likely to need two.
8. There is every likelihood that an episode of EastEnders will end with a scene set at night with a shadowy figure stepping out into the path of Sharon Watts and saying 'Hello, princess.'
9. The producers of EastEnders will now be kicking themselves for killing Angie off last year.
10. Roll on September.

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