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BB Update

As the housemates pedalo their way to increased shopping rations for the coming week, their personalities have also been spinning out at a rate of knots.
We've heard about Justine's rhinoplasty, and Anouska's dissatisfaction with her self-proclaimed wonky boobs.
Most staggering of all, we now know Jon possesses the rare ability to speak to people who (get this) DON'T earn loads of money as well as people who (wait for it) DO earn loads of money.
But so far we have heard little from former prison worker Steph, whose most memorable contribution so far has been to ask her housemates "Would you eat a plate full of a slice of cack from everybody in here?" as they discussed what they'd do for a million pounds.
That is all set to change today, when the Redditch lass marks her 28th birthday away from her family and friends.
We expect Big Brother to offer some kind of choice between a luxury item just for Steph, or something that will benefit all 12 of the housemates.
So expect a little bit of blubbering as Steph tortures herself as to whether she chooses a gushy video message from her family, or a cart load of cider for the housemates - a classic variation of the "Daddy or chips?" scenario.
UPDATE: The housemates are reeling after Big Brother informed them they have failed the pedalo task.
The reason? Not due to fatigue, heart murmur or entanglement in the pedals, but because Federico legged it out of the contraption to get some chewing gum, thus breaking the two-at-a-time pedallers rule.

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