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Subject: An email from Sybil herself!

Regular readers of lowculture will remember that we're big fans of Sybil, who you will remember for her lovely hits like The Love I Lost, When I'm Good and Ready and Walk On By.
It turns out that you lot were not the only ones reading our appreciation of her work, as an email from one Sybil Lynch we received this morning revealed...

Dear Paul,
Someone alerted me to your site to check something out. Little did I know that it would be anything to do with me. 10 years seems like yesterday and the "Love I Lost" one of its mega highlights. But please note that prior to that I had experienced quite a stellar offering on the dance charts (Don't Make Me Over, Walk On By, Falling In Love, Let Yourself Go, My Love Is Guaranteed...just to name some others). I swear by my clubheads and those fans in the little, mid-size and big venues who came over and over to see my shows. For years after recording my last contracted song I worked. I hope that throughout they (my fans/supporters) were never disappointed. As I have always said, I keep it live and that is something that I'll stand by until I can't sing another note. I am elated by the love and interest shown regarding me.
Update: There has been a lot going on, but the most substantial one is that I am getting married in May of this year. My first marriage...thank God...my fiance is fabulous....big and strong!!! After having decided that I needed a break, I continued to write and create. I used my musical background and my university degree (which I might add I had prior to getting any recording contract) to educate and entertain children and young adults in two wonderful programs. One on a college level and the other at a children's academy. With all that I have been through and the overwhelming support that the dance community has shown...my life hadn't been half bad. God blessed real good as we say. I was dealt a number of gifts, besides the gift of voice.
Let the world from your window know that i am available to sing...sing...sing and still sing!!!! Keep me in your kind thoughts and prayers and I will always recall the wonderful love affair I still have with the United Kingdom!!!
Love, Peace and Blessings to you and your readers,

Sybil – you absolute star. We love you more than ever, and we didn't think that was possible.

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