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Amazing facts about April 22:
» Ken from Bros is 34 today. He met the other members of Bros in a school dinner queue. He shares his happy day with the splendidly-named Carol Drinkwater, 55, who used to be in All Creatures Great And Small before they replaced her with the Oxo lady.
» In 1999, Sinead O'Connor was ordained as a priest, taking the name Mother Bernadette Maria.
» The Rolling Stones were at No.1 at this time in 1964, and the National Federation of Hairdresses, angry at the long-haired example they were setting the nation's youth, offered free haircuts to the next band to get to the top spot.
» Mike Nesmith came last in a 1967 poll to find the most popular Monkee, with only 7% of the vote. He's probabaly not bothered now, as his mother invented Sno Paque (kind of like Tippex), and he's absolutely loaded.

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