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Strike me pink

Amazing things about April 8:
» John Schneider, Bo Duke from The Dukes of Hazard, is 49 today. When he wasn't fighting the system like, erm, one modern day Robin Hood, John and co-star Tom Wopat loved driving their TV car, the General Lee. "We both drive all the stunts you see us drive, except stuff that's off the ground, or where we'd have to roll over," he explained at the time. So, all the stunts except the ones that were actual stunts, then. John can now be seen as Clark's miserable old father Jonathan Kent in Smallville. Celebrate his special day by staying up to watch The Dukes of Hazard at midnight on Granada Plus.
» This time last year, Kate Moss was chosen to be the new face of tea. It was felt that a glamorous supermodel would help make the beverage trendy again. But it didn't work.
» It's an incredible eight years since Take That's Back For Good was at No.1. We feel old, and hope you all do too.

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