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Well bugger me gently

Amazing things about April 7:
» Lynne Perrie, alias Ivy Tilsley out of Corrie, is 72 today. No doubt she will be getting drunk and touching up young men to celebrate.
» It's also Duncan from Blue's birthday (he's 24). As he is one for the laydeez, perhaps Ivy Tilsley could allow him a celebratory feel of her tits?
» It's four years since Mr Oizo was a No.1 with Flat Beat, the Flat Eric song. Mr Who? Flat what exactly?
» Ellen DeGeneres became a lesbian on this day in 1997.
» On April 7 1979, the Three Degrees appeared on the pitch at West Bromwich Albion.
» Just a year ago, Pop Idol flop Hayley Evetts announced she had only just become aware of the extent of her fame. The rest of us are still waiting for a similar moment of clarity.

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