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G-wing force

The waiting is almost over – Bad Girls is back on Thursday, May 8.
Making a triumphant comeback will be Debra Stephenson as Shell Dockley, who is bigger and badder than ever, in more ways than one (ie she's up the duff).
Don't worry, though - expecting a bad baby will not have mellowed our Shell at all – she'll be as big a cow as ever (although she will have to go quite a long way to top the time she nailed Sylvia's husband in a coffin).
She won't be wearing frumpy maternitywear either – as well as the splendid velour creation you can see in our picture, Shell will be bulging out of her usual PVC mini-skirt.
You've probably noticed a couple of new faces in the line-up, and we're delighted to report that they are Amanda Barrie, last seen expiring in Audrey Roberts' back room in Corrie, and Sable Colby herself, Stephanie Beecham.
Can it be too much to hope that the producers will tempt Ricardo Montalban to appear as her love interest in this as well? Probably.
Anyway, head over to the Spoiler Zone for some juicy Bad Girls bits.

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