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Flaunt it

We've been a bit quiet tonight, and that's because we have been mesmerised by Flaunt, the ace new music channel from Sky.
In the last 15 minutes alone, they've shown Bedingfield, Lisa Mafia and Justin, which is a good start by anyone's standards. They also had D-Side, but we won't talk about that.
So, things we like about Flaunt already:
» It's for teenage girls, and we like what they like, despite being 27, male and really a bit too old for that kind of thing.
» All the videos are in proper widescreen. This would, of course, be better if we had a widescreen TV, but on the other hand, this might give us just the excuse we've been looking for to get one.
» Loads of the programmes are produced by Popworld, which can only be a Good Thing.
» You vote for videos using the remote control, instead of having to fiddle around with one of those the old-fashioned electrical telephonic speech machines (they'll never catch on).
» t.A.T.u. occupy their rightful place at No.1 in the playlist, with Not Gonna Get Us. In fact, those naughty teenage lesbians (hope you're indexing that, Google) are in our telly driving a big lorry even as we write this, and we reckon they're intent on doing someone a mischief.
» Their logo uses a font that looks a bit like ours, except not as good, obviously.
You will be requiring channel 473.

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