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Brad Pitt's arse: an update

Just a few hours ago, we begged you, our readers, for ideas of things to do in London this weekend.
Happily, our prayers have been answered, albeit not by you lot.
The must-see tourist attraction that has caught our eye is the new model of Brad Pitt at Madame Tussauds, which comes with a lifelike squeezable arse!
Almost, but probably not quite, worth queueing for five hours to see/feel.
Apparantly, Brad was happy to allow sculptors access to his rear end to ensure it is anatomically correct - possibly in the manner of those fake porn star arses in those very rude catalogues we don't get sent.
Staff at Tussauds say they regularly had to remove pairs of knickers from the pockets of Brad's previous model, so one can only imagine what they might end up having to fish out of this one.

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