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Sacre bleu!

Amazing facts about April 17:
» Posh is 29 today! The jammy cow will probably get a birthday shag off Beckham and everything. Going For Gold host Henry Kelly is also celebrating, though not due to getting it off Beckham – it's because he's 57 today. He shares his birthday with Daffy Duck, who is 66.
» It was on this day in 1984 that Jacko had to undergo surgery after his hair caught fire during the filming of a Pepsi ad. Given his current run of luck, he would probably count himself lucky if all he did was light himself on fire.
» It is now only two days until lowculture's Easter jaunt to London. If you have any suggestions for things we can do when we're there, click on the comment link (nb: we're already going to see Dead Or Alive at G-A-Y, so be more original, please).

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