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Red carpet treatment

We never thought the sight of Jo Brand on the telly would give us a warm, fuzzy feeling inside, but that's exactly how we felt at the end of last night's What Not To Wear special.
Trinny and Susannah had got their talons into Jo and newsreader Sophie Raworth, with the aim of making them look fabulous for the TV BAFTA Awards.
Both were reluctant participants, but both ended up looking good, and anyone who didn't smile when a genuinely surprised Jo walked down the red carpet to cheers and applause is either a liar or much more cynical than lowculture (which, by the way, isn't possible).
Our favourite bit: when Trinny told Jo she would like to see her with something round her neck and Jo replied, "I'd like to see something round yours too – a noose".
Our second favourite bit: Trinny and Susannah enraging Nicole Kidman by pointing out she had make-up on her dress. La Kidman tried to remain serene and calm, but we bet she was absolutely furious.

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