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Amazing facts about April 18:
» Hayley Mills, star of Whistle Down The Wind, The Parent Trap and, more importantly, Good Morning Miss Bliss, which was Saved By The Bell before Saved By The Bell was, is 57 today. Also blowing out his candles is Sean Maguire, better known as Sean Maguire, who is 27. We will be treating passers-by to a rousing chorus of Don't Pull Your Love at every available opportunity to mark the occasion. By the way, we're really sorry that Sean's clothes seem to have fallen off in our picture. We don't know what can have happened there.
» In 1999, Des'ree was invited to be president of the Ramblers Association. She declined, saying she'd rather have a piece of toast.
» Two years ago a book written by Mariah Carey's sister alleged that Mariah had been set on the road to fame with money her sister had earned as a prostitute. That's still better than being set on the road to prostitution by money your sister had earned being Mariah Carey.
» This time last year, Ronan Keating was mouthing off about how Boyzone would never reform because his former bandmates were jealous of his solo success. We suspect they're slightly less bothered now.

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