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. . . and we'll take the low road

So finally it came. After 23 years of love, lies and farming, the High Road was taken off the map, and our TV screens, for the last time tonight.
What better way to finish with the optimism of a wedding (okay, so we learned Davie Sneddon’s* got a secret son, and evil Victor Spinetti revealed plans to rebuild Glendarroch as a casino resort**, but what the hey)?
As the villagers filed out of the church and out of our lives, lowculture was left scrabbling for something to dry the tears with.
Sorry, did we say tears? We meant dishes. Yes! As a permanent reminder of the two-and-a-bit decades of High Road, those lovely people at ScottishTV have produced a souvenir tea towel so we can imagine Mrs Mack spreading gossip about our neighbours while waiting for the kettle to boil.
Order yours by clicking on the above link.
*Not that one. He’s too busy tinkling the ivories.
** Miles away from a the nearest city/airport/beach?! Maybe that’s where Moira will go to pick up her chickens in future (she doesn’t make the best soup in the Highlands for nothing).
UPDATE: As part of their ongoing efforts to create the worst website in the history of the world, ScottishTV have managed to move the link to the tea towel page, and we can't find it now. We will email them notification of our disgust and let you know what they have to say for themselves in due course.

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