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Samson spread

If you're a Friend Of Will Young, you might have come across a magazine called reFRESH.
This highbrow title claims to be 'The Intelligent Read For Gay Men', although this month's cover, which features two muscular young men in swimming trunks, would seem to belie this description.
Nevertheless, we decided to flick through the May issue in WHSmith yesterday, and we're now very glad we did.
This is because, tucked away between more pictures of men in swimming trunks and an advert for Will & Grace DVDs, we found a six page Crossroads fashion shoot, starring Jane Asher and those hunky TV sons of hers.
Excitingly, the shoot seems to have taken place on the set of Crossroads. And the accompanying interviews reveal such obscure nuggets as the fact that Jane Asher is well known for designing cakes.
We also discover that Graham McGrath's fantasy Crossroads plot does not, as might be expected, involve the return of his screen wife Suzie, played by Emma Noble. Instead, he would like to be seen murdering the other members of his family with an AK-47. Charming!

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