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Reborn: dead

So, Reborn In the USA is over.
And thank goodness for that! It started off well, but after Dollar were voted off, it was all downhill.
We were pleased to see the greusome twosome finally got the chance to perform again, if only because it confirmed their utter awfulness (Text from Shona, a friend of lowculture: "R U watching Dollar? Good God! My ears r bleeding").
Of course, Tony Hadley was always going to win the final, as the British public have absolutely no imagination. But it was still great to see Michelle Gayle sing the smashing Sweetness again on an (almost) prime-time TV show – I mean, which of us thought that would happen in our lifetimes?
The ominous news is that Tony Hadley, Peter Cox and Leeeeeee John have decided to form their own version of the Brat Pack, and tour the country as a freaky musical threesome. We would much rather see David Van Day and Sonia in a nightly sing-off and bitch-slapping contest at Chicago Rock Cafes around the country.

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