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Amazing things about April 14:
» William Lucas, who played comedy bigamist Stanley Webb in Eldorado, is 78 today. He shared his birthday with Natalie Appleton, who's 30, and former EastEnders totty Paul Nicholls who, amazingly, is still only 24. lowculture has unhappy memories of the time when his character, Joe, went mad in EastEnders – we had recently bought the green jumper he wore to go loopy in, and could never wear it again.
» This time two years ago, Emma Bunton was at No.1 with What Took You So Long. She has recently been stretched and airbrushed to within an inch of her life and is about to attempt another assault on the charts, this time sounding more like Cathy Dennis than Cathy Dennis ever did.
» Pamela Anderson revealed she had successfully had her breast implants whipped out on this day on 1999.

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