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For many years, lowculture has been hoping for innovation in the Easter egg market.
Where, we wondered, were the Creme Egg offerings that were actually filled with creme, so you had to set about them with the aid of a spoon?
Well, we're happy to report that something startling has happened this year.
There we were, innocently browsing through Sainsbury's when we noticed a strange flash on the latest Maltesers eggs, promising New Crunchy Shell.
Closer inspection revealed that the shell actually has all bits of Malteser in it. Fan-fucking-tastic!
It gets better. The Fruit and Nut eggs have fruit. And nuts! The Crunchie eggs contain bits of Crunchie. And so on.
It was back down to earth with a bump, though, when we came to the official Blue egg. It doesn't have little bits of Lee, Duncan, Simon or the other one mixed into it. It does have a rubbish plastic radio, but we know which we'd rather be getting stuck into on Easter morning.

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