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Russell Grant reveals hitherto-unknown love of sport

Thanks to our mates at Popjustice for being far better at spotting low culture than we are.
They tipped us off about an ITV1 gem called Russell Grant's Sporting Scandals, which was shown in some regions this afternoon.
"It's about how there's not enough sport in schools, or something, and not enough funding for sport," our spy reports. "Not sure about your scandalometer, but that doesn't rate very highly on mine.
"Tessa Sanderson was a guest. Russell started his first question: 'Now Tessa, to a lot of people this could all seem rather boring'. Hmm... "
We quite agree with Popjustice when they say that they love the irony of fat bastard Russell Grant saying "It's not like in my day when you kept fit at school".
And why did we miss this lowbrow gem? Because our local ITV company was treating us to the 357th showing of Frankie Howerd and Sid James in Carry On Up The Arse (or whatever it was called), so we couldn't have watched it even if we wanted to.

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