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THIS is life?

In the rush to commiserate with One True Voice and Girls Aloud about the sad cancellation of their tour, nobody seems to have given a second thought to the poor Cheeky Girls, who were due to support the gruesome tensome.
The world's loss is lowculture's gain, though - instead of living it up at the SECC in Glasgow this Saturday, they will be heading for the fleshpots of the North-east of Scotland, which is where we happen to be, to do their thing at the swanky Waterfront nightclub in Arbroath (pictured).
lowculture has only been to Arbroath once (we spent the day in court and had a Wimpey for lunch), and didn't have time to sample the delights of The Waterfront, so we've done a bit of research in case any of our more metropolitan readers fancy making the trip north. Unfortunately, the only info available was on websites called Arbroath The Pit and Arbroath Is Shit, and most of what they said about the club and its owners was deeply offensive and could never be repeated on a family website like this.
Suffice to say, its main attraction seems to be that the carpets are so sticky you can never fall down drunk.
See you up the front!

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