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Jay Aston: Not Dead After All

While some faded 80s postars are content to hare around the US on a bus with Davina McCall in hot pursuit, others are making their own unique way in life.
Former Bucks Fizz popstrel Jay Aston, for instance, has been hard at work on her new album, Alive and Well.
In her Fizz days, Jay was well known for having her skirt whipped off on stage, so it's nice to see that old habits die hard - as our mini version of the sleeve shows, she's had her skirt well and truly whipped off, with her modesty covered only by some Photoshop lens flare effects.
Here's what Jay says on her fan club website about the first track, Pigs Are On The Cake:
"Depicted in the booklet as a picture of the Dome (as a cake with candles). One of the biggest wastes of public money ever. It is almost a political message loosely based on Marie Antoinette's words "Let them eat cake" and the Dome being the best upgrade to the 21st century. Written from the perspective of a group of travellers living off the land in abject poverty. The narrator is describing her camp and their prospects. In the myth the soul of love is called Coyote "How are we going to keep Coyote dancing"."
It's not available from any good record shops, but most should be able to order it in for you (Label: Angel Air, cat. no. SJPCD137. And if you've heard it, please click on the comment link and let us know what it sounds like.

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