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Filling the void

There's a yawning chasm in our lives now that Footballers Wives is over, and there's only one thing that can fill it.
A new series of Bad Girls!
Yes, the mad bitches are set to return shortly for another extended run of mayhem and carnage.
Joining the cast will be Amanda Barrie, better known as Alma from Corrie. Best of all, nasty Shell Dockley will be returning - and this time, she's up the duff.
In the long months since the last epsiode, the ladies (and they do tend to be ladies) of Bad Girls fandom have been keeping themselved busy. They've been petitioning ITV to produce a two-hour special devoted to Helen and Nikki, although we don't think they'll have much success, as the channel doesn't tend to show a whole lot of full-on lesbian porn in prime-time.
In the absence of new episodes, they've been writing their own. These also seem to feature rather a lot of Helen and Nikki lezzing it up, so we think there could be a pattern emerging here.
If you want to find out more about the girls, or read some of the nice fan fiction, check out this list of Bad Girls links. It's not to the faint-of-heart, though - it includes nearly 200 sites.

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