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The Bill: A New Dimension

Our Bad Girls feature last week has attracted just the kind of undesirable element we were hoping for, in the form of a nice lady who claims to be the High Priestess of The Church of Jack Meadows and the Leading Light of the More Lesbo Action in TB Campaign.
"I just thought i'd put pen to paper (or technically fingers to keys) to point out to you that there's more to TB than naked butts," she says. Well, if you say so.
"And its not just Bad Girls which has mad lesbians in its fanbase."
Anyway, we liked what she had to say about The Bill so much, we gave it a page of its own so you can enjoy it too.
The High Priestess also makes us an intriguing offer.
"The chances are you either think i'm mental or boring. That's fine... most people do... BUT if you don't then you may just be interested in some 'interesting' fiction I have in my posession... involving Sam from TB, Tanya from Footballers Wives and few clothes (whoever said Helen and Nikki had all the fun!). I didn't write it... I commisioned it cos i've got power! Hurrah!"
What do you think? Should lowculture become the internet's leading source for TV-crossover lesbian slash fiction? Click on the comment link below and say what you think.

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