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Sitting pretties

HOT! Vanity Lair, Channel 4, 12.45pm

Vanity LairSome time ago, we asked on the messageboards "Why does Alexa Chung keep getting presenting work?" We've still not received a satisfactory response to this, but whatever voodoo she's been working to continually convince commissioners that she isn't an annoying bint with no presence or charisma whatsoever, it must be working - not only is she still on our screens, she was also featured in Broadcast magazine's Hot 100 recently. We did laugh when we spotted that she was only two places higher than the little girl from Outnumbered. (The aforementioned little girl was robbed, by the way, being far more charming and talented than Alexa Chung is ever likely to be.)

Not content with killing Popworld, appearing next to the increasingly irrelevant Ben Elton in the dreadful Get A Grip, and proving to all those who thought that the presenting talent for Freshly Squeezed couldn't possibly get worse than Sarah Hendy that they were in fact very wrong indeed, our nemesis is back, since those high-up at C4 have inexplicably seen fit to give Alexa yet another show - this time, a sort of Big Brother for people with really big egos. Well, bigger egos than the usual contestants, anyway. Scary thought.

The premise here is that a set of self-confessed beautiful people live together in a kickass mansion, and every week they invite an outsider whom they just to be suitably attractive to join them, at the expense of one of the current residents who is then evicted, with the person agreed as the most beautiful winning £10,000 at the end. The show claims to be examining what it really means to be beautiful, and we can only assume that in her role as presenter, Alexa will be examining what it really means to be loud, smug and pointless.

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