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Greetings, people of Europe!

GREETINGS. This is I, Marija Šerifovic, champion of the Eurovision with my big Eurovision-winning hit, Molitva. Molitva means ‘Prayer’, and I have a Molitva for continued Eurovision success for my homeland, ha ha ha! Da! That would be satisfactory!

After a reasonable contest, where I was crowned winner with my song Molitva, I embarked upon a cost-effective tour of Europe to promote my winning song, Molitva, which means ‘Prayer’ in English. The people of Europe, both women and necessary homosapien males appreciated Molitva greatly, making it the most popular song in Europe! This was quite adequate.

So! I am here at the invitation of the lowculture to guide you through this year’s Eurovision entries. None of them are satisfactory as they are not Molitva, but I believe in the freedom of peoples to express in a reasonable manner so I will tolerate these songs. The lowculture have purchased at a cost-effective price my new hooded top as an adequate recompense, as pictured. I elect to keep my tie and signature spectacles. I am enthusiastic about Eurovision.

Let us look at who has already been chosen satisfactorily for the 2008 Eurovision Song Contest. I award them my Mini-Marija's for adequate performance.

ALBANIA: Olta Boka – Zemrën lame pëng

Beautiful lady. Very powerful ballad, reminds me of Molitva, my winning song from 2007 loved across Europe and beyond!

ANDORRA: Gisela – Casanova

This beautiful lady wanted to perform my winning song Molitva last year, but she had hair problems at the last minute. This is a frivolous song. Instead of Casanova, perhaps she could sing about Sappho.

BELARUS: Ruslan Alenho – Hasta la vista

A song from a homosapien male.

BOSNIA AND HERZEGOVINA: Elvir Lakovic Laka – Poksusaj

This is not satisfactory.

CZECH REPUBLIC: Tereza Kerndlová – Have Some Fun

A beautiful lady! The boys of the lowculture like this song, but this does not have feeling like my Molitva. I give it marks to say thank you for my hooded top. And from the boys:

MALTA: Morena – Vodka

A very beautiful lady! Vodka! At a reasonable price! I find this more satisfactory, like the boys.

SWITZERLAND: Paolo Meneguzzi – Era stupendo

Some of the lowculture boys find this male attractive. I do not see this. I feel his emotion, however.

Wow! That is all for now – I will be back soon! GREETINGS!

Marija and David would like to thank Craig for his gracious permission granted.


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