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Clocking On

STAR STUDDED! Clocking Off, ITV3, 9pm

We always meant to watch Clocking Off the first time round. We had appreciated the work of Paul Abbott since Children's Ward, we'd seen it was getting good write-ups in the previews, and it starred some actors we quite liked. But we were young, and busy with university, and, well, probably a bit stupid.

However, starting tonight, ITV3 is giving us a chance to make amends to this critically acclaimed series. It will also be fascinating to see a whole heap of people in 'before they were famous' roles, as well as several who were already famous but looked a lot younger then.

The drama series was set in a factory and most episodes tended to focus on one character, with cross-overs between episodes, a format later adopted by series such as The Street.

For proof of its ridiculousy high lowculture credentials, across the course of its four series run you can see (deep breath - and this is only a small portion of the ultra-famous cast): Lindsey Coulson, Ashley Jensen, Sophie Okenedo, Julian Rhind-Tutt, Gillian Kearney, Kerry Taylor (Loootheee from Hollyoaks), Emma Cunniffe, Claire Sweeney, Pam Ferris, Nicola Stephenson, Ricky Tomlinson, Jo Joyner, Denise Black, Hugo Speer, Marc Warren, David Morrissey and Christopher Ecclestone.

In tonight's opening episode alone, about a man who returns home after a 13-month absence, claiming to have lost his memory, we can see: John Simm! Philip Glenister! (Yes, Sam Tyler AND Gene Hunt) Jason Merrells! Christine Tremarco! (Reunited just a few years later in Waterloo Road) Sarah Lancashire! Lesley Sharp! Diane Parish! Jack Deam (Marty off Shameless)! His on-screen sister Maxine Peake!

Basically, it's a showpiece for pretty much everyone who has been on telly in this decade*, and if you missed it before, time to make up for lost time now.

*Except (and we are SHOCKED by this) John Barrowman and Myleene Klass.

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There's no 'e' in 'Eccleston'.

Except for the first one.

And the second one.

That's your lot, though!

By Anonymous Christopher Eccleston, at 11:07 pm  

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