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Fuck Me Facts!

Amazing things about January 25:
» It was on this unhappy day in 1994 that our old mate Gillian Taylforth faced financial ruin after losing a libel case against The Sun. The newspaper had accused her of getting up (or going down) to all sorts in a layby. She was so horrified at the outcome that she collapsed with shock and had to be rushed to hospital.
» Disney's 101 Dalmatians went on general release on this day in 1960. Cruella De Ville remains a lowculture heroine to this day. We firmly believe that if a woman so fabulous had wanted those puppies, they should have been handed right over. In a big sack.
» On this day in 1999, MPs voted to lower the homosexual age of consent from 18 to 16, paving the way for a whole generation of randy gay teens to post all kinds of filth on the lowculture forums.
» Michelle McManus was riding high at the top of the singles charts on this day in 2004 with her hit... erm... what was it called again?
» lowculture shares its birthday with Angela Thorne, aka Audrey's mate out of To The Manor Born, and gay rights bloke Peter Tatchell. Happy birthday to both of you!

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