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Big bother?

NOT RACIST! Big Brother's Celebrity Hijack, Channel 4/E4, 10pm
So, we can't tell you an awful lot about Big Brother's Celebrity Hijack, because according to some sources (well, Digital Spy and the Daily Star at any rate), it's all going horribly wrong before it's even started. Which is novel, as they usually wait a few days to mess it all up.

Anyway, the original premise of this was that a bunch of (ahem) 'gifted and talented' 18-21 year-olds (and that was their first mistake, as the 25 and over housemates are always much more interesting) would go in, and the SHOCK! TWIST! was that celebrities were going to 'be' Big Brother.

Then they announced some of the celebs, and the list sounded promising: Matt Lucas, Joan Rivers, Jake and Dinos Chapman(!) - some of the people who would never go in 'real' celebrity BB.

However, the aforementioned 'early reports' suggest that the producers didn't like their housemates and told the celebs they were going to have to go on, to which the celebs went: 'er, no'.

So who knows what will happen? What we do know is that a) it's on E4 (except tonight's double launch, streamed on C4 and E4, much as The Queen's Christmas Message is streamed across both BBC1 and ITV1 except obviously this isn't of national import, much as it would think it is), so if it all goes tits up they can just put in extra episodes of Friends and no-one will notice, b) this is Dermot O'Leary's last BB thing and c) James Corden and Matthew Horne, who we like round these parts, will be presenting Big Mouth for the duration. However short that is.

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