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Come dine with me, let's dine, let's dine awaaaaaay

SWIZZTASTIC! Come Dine With Me, Channel 4, 8pm
Disclaimer: First of all, apologies if this post reaches you in less than comprehensible form. Some of us have been out for two Christmas meals and attendant drinks and thusmay not be in the most suitable state to do previews. However, rather than disappoint you with posting much later in the day than usual, we are soldiering on to serve you. You lucky, lucky people.

Anyway, when we looked at the schedules for this week, we were very excited to see a Come Dine With Me Christmas Special. As you may have gathered, this series has a cult following on the forums, although attempts to get lowculture members to host it have been met by a bunch of excuses such as 'I don't have enought chairs' and 'I'm a vegetarian' proving that we are all a bunch of wimps.

However, upon closer inspection, we discovered that this was not a brand new Christmas special at all, but a repeat of last year's. Indeed, we discovered that there appears to be no 2007 Christmas special at all, which is an even bigger swizz than this episode only having five participants intstead of the usual four. (Come on channel 4, as much as we like Jamie Oliver, we'd rather see a new one of these than a Jamie at HomeChristmas special telling us how to rear and killour own turkeys and other such things we'll never do).

Anyway, once we'd got over our grump, the prospect of this actually cheered us, as a) it was the show that got us into Come Dine With Me in the first place, b) several LC-ers won't have seen it before anyway and c) we don't rememebr who won, or anything, so it will be like watching it for the first time again (accompanied by salad and water no doubt, after yesterday's excesses).

The christmas 'spin' on this show is that as well as being judhged on their menus and entertainment skills, our four dinner party hosts are being judged on their Christmas decs. We're guessing paper cone angels, cotton wool sheep and sprayed gold pine cones don't feature heavily.

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Yay, i love this show.

Especially the crazy woman who had a dead fox on her radiator and the middle-aged businesswoman with the hot tub who got off with the waiter she hired.

By Anonymous LMusic, at 11:57 am  

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