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10 reasons to love the new series of Shameless*

* Even though it doesn't actually start for a few weeks.

» It's Shameless! You simply cannot go wrong with a bit of Shameless, which has managed to avoid all the problems usually associated with TV shows that soldier on after most of the original cast have cleared off (ie becoming rubbish then ending).
» There are 16 bloody episodes this time around.
» It's got this bit in it.

» Yes, Lilian has set up a knocking shop. We love Lilian.
» The Maguires are back, including the fabulous Mimi, who is one of our 73 best TV characters of all time.
» Mickey Maguire invests in a pink stretch limo for a new business venture. He ends up spending most of his time on the back seat, gaying it right up.
» Debbie falls in love!
» Anne Reid will be appearing as Frank's Alzheimers-suffering mother-in-law.
» The Chatsworth Estate is getting its own beach (!), which raises the intriguing possibility that Jamie Maguire might be seen lolling around on it in just shorts.
» A python eats a dog.

Amazing, eh? It all kicks off on January 1 - lowculture will remind you nearer the time.


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Never you mind Jamie Maguire on this faux beach... give me Carl Gallagher (and/or his real life twin) there any day! x

By Anonymous TJ, at 11:18 pm  

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