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Pilot lights

NEW! Free Agents, Channel 4, 10.30pm

Free AgentsWe've mentioned these Friday night comedy pilots before, but we felt compelled to come back to the subject, partially because there really isn't a lot else on for us to talk about on Friday nights (well, aside from HIGNFY, QI, Ugly Betty - you get the idea...) but also because we're quite excited about this one. The level of quality of the ones we've seen has been a bit varied - the first one, with Martin Freeman, was good, but didn't really have much expansion potential. The one with Duncan from Blue in it wasn't bad, but had a few too many crass jokes in it for our tastes (believe it or not, such a thing is possible), and the less said about the others, the better.

This one, however, looks promising, because it stars not only Stephen "Green Wing" Mangan (whom we've decided to forgive for those hideous Barclaycard adverts, but he can consider himself on probation for the time being) but also Sharon "Pulling" Horgan (who will always be Katie Tate from Broken News to us). Pulling was one of our favourite bleaker-than-black sitcoms of the year, and we're on tenterhooks waiting for the second series, so while this isn't written by the same people, we're hoping at least that Sharon Horgan's comic gifts will be hugely beneficial to the show all the same.

The trailers for the show look a bit odd, mind. We're not entirely sure what's going on, other than the fact that the central twosome are talent agents overcoming some messy personal problems and hoping to find comfort in each other, and really we got all that blurb from the Radio Times. But it's also got Anthony Head in it, which has rendered it a must-watch as far as we're concerned. Fingers crossed, then. (And yes, we know the picture is from Pulling, but if Channel 4 doesn't want to give these shows any web support, what are we supposed to do, eh?)

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