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(Armstrong and) Miller time

BACK! The Armstrong and Miller Show, BBC1, 9.30pm

The Armstrong and Miller ShowIt will probably come as no shock to most of you that we're not especially religious, but every now and then something comes along which makes us question our lack of belief in a higher power. After all, there's a saying that goes "what God has placed together, let no man put asunder", and frankly we can't think of any other plausible explanation behind the Armstrong and Miller phenomenon. They were a successful comedy double act, they went off to do various successful solo projects, and yet after many years apart here they are together again. Frankly if that doesn't scream of the existence of a celestial hand interfering in mortal business, we don't know what does.

Anyway, this would be a return to the sketch show format that they were doing quite well back in the day, with some new ideas and characters and things. We're quite looking forward to the likes of Gullible Rog, who remains blissfully ignorant to his wife's affair with his best friend despite continuously catching them in conspicuous situations and being fed a lame and highly implausible excuse, and the two Spitfire pilots who talk like they've just wandered off the set of Mean Girls.

The thing about sketch shows is that they're pretty hard to judge until you're about three or four episodes in, once you can see how thinly (or not) the material is being stretched and how well the characters stand up to repeated exposure. That said, we've got high hopes for this one and our fingers are entirely crossed (which makes it quite hard to type). If it's even half as good as when Alexander Armstrong presented Have I Got News For You last week, we'll be more than happy.

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