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The Grey agenda

SOAPY! Grey's Anatomy, Living, 10.00pm

Grey's AnatomyThis is, unfortunately, one of those few occasions where we've decided to preview a show that we don't watch on any kind of regular basis. We dip in from time to time, usually when we catch the run on Five, but we are not up-to-speed on the events of season three of Grey's Anatomy as much as we should be. We did, however, think it was worthy of a mention today, so please forgive us any factual faux pas.

So! It's the end of season three, which means it's time for soapy drama to the maximum. There are a great many issues waiting to be sorted, such as: what will happen at Cristina and Burke's wedding? Who will be Chief of Surgery? Who will be Chief Resident? Will all the interns pass their exams? How will they explain Addison's absence so she can off and do her spinoff with Taye Diggs? Will Shonda Rimes realise that George/Izzie probably wasn't a great idea? And so on.

It would perhaps be fair to describe the responses to this when it aired in the States as "mixed", with some messageboards that we read featuring quite a lot of posts from people who swore they were "done with this show for good". Not that we're trying to unduly influence your opinion or anything, because the ratings for season four aren't exactly giving the suits at ABC any sleepless nights. Still, this is your last chance to get a fix of neurotic medical interns for a while, so enjoy yourselves...

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