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Rather have a piece of toast and watch the evening news

SPOOKS! Ghosthunting with McFly, ITV2, 9.00pm

Ghosthunting with McFlyIt doesn't seem like very long ago that we were writing about Ghosthunting with the Dingles; indeed, a quick perusal of the lowculture calendar tells us that it was more or less a month ago to the day. Which, let's be honest, suggests that the Dingles didn't do a very good job, if there are still ghosts out there waiting to be busted by McFly. Clearly, you should never send a soap star to do what is obviously a pop star's job.

Our experience of the McFly lads suggests that they seem far less easy targets for a good spooking than Girls Aloud, so we don't imagine they'll be spending quite as much time shaking and crying - although in fairness, if they were to do that, it would still make for excellent television. The fact that they will spend most of the show in near-darkness, however, is less good news for all those planning to tune in purely for the totty factor.

It would appear as though the boys are anticipating success since they apparently have not one but three ghostbusting locations lined up: a haunted forest (presumably there would be little point in sending them to a non-haunted forest, given the premise of the show), a creepy old castle and an underground mine. Wooo! Scary! And look, we made it all the way to the end of the preview without inserting a cheap and tawdry joke about them giving each other the willies. (Oh, shit.)

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