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Brits and pieces

BACK! The Brit Awards Live, ITV1, 8.00pm

The Brit AwardsAnother year, another self-congratulatory award ceremony wherein the music industry hands out gongs to everyone who got a lot of airplay and sold a lot of records last year, because apparently the significant fiscal benefits that come with that just aren't enough without a tacky trophy to accompany them. So far, so blah. However! There is a crucial difference to the ceremony this year, because it will be broadcast live directly into your television set. Ooooo.

Since it hasn't been broadcast live since 1989 after the Sam Fox/Mick Fleetwood fiasco, this year should be every bit as important a TV event as it will be a music industry event. Presumably it had become so utterly boring and irrelevant (we still haven't shaken off the horror of the 2004 awards, presented by Cat "So You Think You Can Host" Deeley) that this was considered the best way to inject a bit of life back into its fitting corpse. Russell Brand's been booked to present it, you won't read who won everything in the paper the morning before, and there's a fair to medium chance that Lily Allen will get wasted and try to pick a fight with someone. Hooray!

It'd be nice if some of the changes being made to the ceremony had included a more thorough overhaul of the awards so that the shortlists might be a little less boring (we notice that James Blunt officially killed the Best Pop Act category last year, since it's no longer being included - stupid James Blunt ruins everything), and quite what Oasis's outstanding contribution to music is remains a mystery, other than writing one good song once and then rewriting it over and over again and just making it very slightly different each time in such a brazen way as to make even Stock, Aitken and Waterman go "you really might want to think about coming up with some new ideas, lads". That said, we'll leave the music criticism to the professionals and just sit back in the hope of a really good fight before 10pm.

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