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They've gotta be strong and they've gotta be fast and they've gotta be fresh from the fight

EPIC! Heroes, Sci Fi, 10.00pm

It's being billed on posters at this year's Lost but don't be fooled. In this show, the plot actually moves forward. In this show, there aren't endless flashbacks which basically serve to establish that the character has a chequered past and daddy issues (although we'll admit there are daddy issues aplenty in this show: Claire, Niki, Peter, Nathan, Hiro, Mohinder...they've all got 'em). In this show, several characters are actually likeable. And more to the point, in this show we've got faith that the honchos behind it actually have a clear idea where they're going, and aren't just tossing in random cliffhangers in the final minutes to make us all tune in again next week (although, again: there are cliffhangers and some of them are awesome. Episode three's, in particular, is fucking great).

Okay, so that's enough with the gratuitous pot-shots at Lost. It has proved to be good for something, because without it there would have been a greatly reduced chance of this show being commissioned, since it does owe a debt to Lost in terms of clearing the path for shows who like to spin an epic story featuring multiple characters who didn't know each other until the show started but have some kind of interlinked destiny. Oh, and who take their sweet damn time in the process too.

Heroes, however, is totally its own beast, and we've fallen completely in love with it. We're totally hooked. We're not going to spoil everyone's abilities for you because figuring them out is half the fun, but in the opening minutes a hospice nurse attempts to fly and a cheerleader from Texas hurls herself off some kind of scaffolding into an 80ft drop, pick herself up, pop her shoulder back into place and continue otherwise unharmed. Obviously the big mystery is where did they get their powers, why them, and what are they meant to do, but don't expect that to be answered just yet. Perhaps the most important thing we can tell you for this opening two-parter is that the majority of the Heroes are absolutely smokin' hot, and regardless of your orientation, you're bound to want to have sex with at least two of them. (Hands off Nathan Petrelli, by the way; he's ours.)

Save the cheerleader, save the world! (That'll make sense in a couple of episodes' time. Oh, and if you don't have Sci Fi, you don't have to be dependent on the illicit Mistress Bittorrent, because BBC2 will be showing the series over the summer. Hooray!)

And if you really can't wait that long, why not have a look at this preview courtesy of your very own lowculture. Don't say we're not good to you! Just pick your connection speed and media format of choice.

Really fast | MP4 Real WM
Quite fast | MP4 Real WM
Not that fast at all really | MP4 Real WM

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Did you see the review in The Times yesterday? Most. Pretentious. Crap. Ever.

By Blogger Cindylover1969, at 3:25 am  

regardless of your orientation, you're bound to want to have sex with at least two of them.

I got dibs on Claire (and another one who comes along in a later episode)!

By Blogger Cindylover1969, at 3:28 am  

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