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After a gap of two long, Sky One-free years, LOWCULTURE has finally been reunited with one of its most very favouritest telly things ever – DREAM TEAM.

The word from dished-up friends was that the two series we've missed haven't been the most gripping in the show's nine-year history, but the news that the show had returned with an all-new cast and the return of Alison King as chairwoman Lynda Block was enough to send us into a giddy frenzy of excitement before seeing even a second of the action.

We rejoined the people of Harchester United three weeks ago after a coach explosion that had wiped out most of the team (quite different to the coach explosion at the end of series five, which only wiped out SOME of the team). Followng this terrible event, a fresh-out-of-jail Lynda was asked to return to the Dragon's Lair, to rebuild the team and heal the town.

Words cannot describe how fantasic Lynda has been so far. She was always our favourite character by a country mile, but three years in prison have given her a deliciously dark new edge. She's now a hard-drinkin', hard-talkin', hard-slapping bitch when she needs to be. Despite this, she's also the moral centre of a show that had lost its way by being packed with too many villains and nasty characters.

Also extremely watchable are the Rose boys, who are great in the ONE TREE HILL-style plot about a pair of feuding siblings who are forced to put aside their differences and play together. Neither of them are particularly troubled by ugliness either, which makes the whole experience even more of a treat.

Catch a repeat of last week's episode on Sky Two this Saturday at noon, and new episodes on Sky One, Sundays at 8pm.

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