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We've waited (nearly) the whole year through

LOWCULTURE has been involved in two seaparate discussions in the last week about how soon it is appropriate to play Christmas songs in the office (we are itching to reintroduce everyone to I Love Christmas by the Fast Food Rockers).

The consensus is that the sound of jingle bells any sooner than the start of December is considered gauche, but we remain to be convinced. After all, the deposits have already been paid for the Christmas lunch, gifts are on three-for-two at Boots, and Debenhams is all kitted out in festive festoonery.

So, it gives us great pleasure, on this first day of November, to declare the festive season officially open! Please feel free to start water cooler discussions about how "it gets earlier every year" and "it's just too commercial – we're really going to cut back on everything this year" this morning. And if you could prepare your lists of who you plan to get off with at the office party and submit them to us for approval, that would be just smashing.

(PS - this year LOWCULTURE would like a Doctor Who box set, a Gareth Gates calendar and a big box of Cadbury's Heroes.)

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