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Favourite tune, ex-Spencer Moon, making gays swoon


Grease has been voted the UK's favourite musical in a new poll. Grease 2 is suspiciously absent from the list. » Former EastEnders star Chris "Chris Parker" Parker is to present Living TV's Dead Famous. "I've always been interested in the spirit world," he says. "Like fuck you have," we says. » David Beckham has been voted the male star that most gays would like to take up the ... aisle. They also quite fancy getting gaily hitched to Vin Diesel and Robbie Williams, according to a Gaydar Radio survey.

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By Blogger creepylesbo, at 1:15 pm  

Grease 2 was WAY better!

By Blogger creepylesbo, at 1:15 pm  

Best regards from NY!
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