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I'm a Celebrity finally caught our full attention last night as Jordan and Kerry chowed down on a selection of live insects to ensure a substantially less mobile meal for the rest of the contestants.
We knew Jordan (pictured) would do well, but the less said about her taking lengthy pulsating matter into her mouth the better.
And as for Kerry - aw, bless! We just realised last night that when the poor girl gets nervous, stressed or upset she sounds exactly like Orville the Duck. Trust us. Each time they replay the clip, just imagine Keith Harris has just told her she can fly when she yells "I can't! I can't!".
Anyway, comparisons aside, Kerry managed to turn it round and ate samples of meal worms, cockroaches and ants successfully.
It was only when it came to the sizeable witchety grub that her tastebuds got the better of her. Jordan had managed all four so far successfully, but then the pair were faced with most offputting item yet - fish eyes.
Kerry backed off from the "shark's eye", later to be described in an over-exaggerated manner to the fellow contestants (we just hope hubby Brian isn't subject to the same measuring techniques).
After repeated attempts, Jordan placed her fish eye between her teeth and clamped down, to full splatter effect. Blood and ink squirted from the pierced eyeball, which she promptly spat out.
So hooray for Celebrity, and the celebrities themselves. Last night's edge of seat viewing has proved the turning point for us. We just hope they keep it up.
As for tonight, the first of the contestants will be booted out of the camp as the viewers pick their favourites. Diane is favourite to go, merely because she has never become heavily involved in camp life.
We would have put it down to either Diane or Alex, but because the latter will be undertaking her first bushtucker trial this evening, we feel it will gain her some public support and see Diane leave as expected.
UPDATE: Okay, so it was Mike Read that left. But we're sure that Diane would have been a close second.
Poor Mike looked genuinely upset to be leaving, and this was particularly visible in his stoney face when his "best of" clips were shown.
He put the lack of support down to the fact he was never chosen to do a bushtucker trial, which we feel is partly fair. But his singing can't have helped . . .

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