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Get your looking gear round these:
» Tricia 9.25am, ITV1 ... The results of last week's paternity tests are revealed, then everyone shouts a lot.
» Baywatch: Hawaiian Wedding 8pm, Sky Movies 1 ... Hooray! Mitch didn't die at the end of Baywatch at all – despite all the evidence to the contrary (him being dead, for instance). Instead, he has been off having amnesia, and returns just as CJ is preparing to open a beach-side bar. Featuring many of the original cast – including Alexandra Paul, who was also killed off during the show's original run, and Pamela Anderson's original tits. (Not really).
» Never Mind The Buzzcocks 9pm, BBC2 ... Tonight's panelists include Lionel Blair and Mikey out of Phixx.
» Smallville 9pm, E4 ... Dodgy journalist Perry White rolls into town to investigate the strange goings-on for a tabloid TV show.
» Is there something else we should be watching? Click on the comment link.

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