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They're still there, you know. All those "celebrities" waiting for someone to fling insects at them.
Please forgive our apparent flippancy, but we're finding it hard to get fired up about the latest series of I'm a Celebrity . . . so far, despite Ant and Dec's fine banter.
Still, we're getting to know the contestants a bit better, and we're sure it won't be too long before we pin our hopes on a favourite.
We've always had a sneaking admiration for Jordan, as it happens, especially when she lets her persona (rather than her bra) drop for a few minutes.
And John Lydon hasn't so much turned hell-raiser as he has peacekeeper, and so far seems to be the only contestant taking a measured approach to the whole experience.
We aren't particularly fussed about any of the other contests at the moment, with Diane and Alex barely registering on our conciousness.
Of those that do, startled bunny Kerry McFeeble was obviously expecting something very different from the experience, and certainly one which didn't include plants, trees, insects, tasks, or challenges.
We have to give her her dues, though. Having been selected to do a bushtucker trial, she gave it her all in what proved to be a very difficult task.
She thrashed about in a perspex box - in much the same way that Rachel Stevens didn't - as she attempted to unlock food tokens as it rapidly filled with water.
Securing just two meals for the group did little for her mood, with the camp eventually deciding to refuse to eat the meagre rations they were eventually presented with.
Like so many cute fit boys, Peter tends to spoil the effect by opening his mouth. His schoolboy flirting with Jordan does make us giggle, though, despite his claims that he's not a tit man. However, there is a certain contingent yelling: "But Peter! you are a tit, man!"
Perhaps that's a bit harsh. It's just that we feel he's coming across as a touch arrogant and false at the moment, and so it was no surprise he was selected for last night's live challenge.
Still, he braved 9 boxes of insects, eels and snakes to snatch 10 full meals for the group, and wasn't cocky with it, so our opinion may yet change.
This early in the competition, though, we're wondering just how many variations of insects-on-the-head challenge there can be. Until one poor sod has to eat them, of course (we think that honour will go to Jennie).

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