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Amazing things about January 26:
» It was in 1998 that Bill Clinton stood up in front of the American public and said of Monica Lewinsky: "I did not have sexual relations with that woman." Of course, that didn't explain the spunk on her dress, but we're certainly prepared to give such a noble statesman the benefit of the doubt.
» The Dukes of Hazard made their debut on American tv in 1979. The first episode was about illegal slot machines and jumping over things in cars.
» This time five years ago, 911 were at No.1 with A Little Bit More. Unbelievable, eh?
» Andrew Ridgeley, the one who wasn't George Michael in Wham, is 41 today. Keren from Bananarama will no doubt bring him a cup of tea and a big cake with all candles on it. And Blue Peter presenter Simon Thomas is a surprisingly ancient 31 today. He would still totally get it though, for the following reasons:

» Thing to make you feel old today: Rebecca Ritters, aka Hannah, aka Button, aka 'her out of Neighbours', is 20 today. Unless you're younger than 20, of course.

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