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Hey-ho, Auntie Mo!

lowculture's resident agony aunt returns with her insights into those problems she just can't seem to escape from (despite installing anti-virus software).
These cries for help continue to pop into her bulk items folder, surely proving that her work here is far from over. Without further ado, we'll hand over to Mo.

Greetings, readers!
Auntie Mo here, pleased to be making my second appearance upon the hallowed pages of lowculture.
Special warm thanks go to Pandapops for his touching welcome to the site. Which brings me swiftly onto the next problem - touching.
Yet again, I find my box filled to the brim with probing predicaments and, for some reason, the offer of surgery for bodily parts I'm quite sure I don't possess.
Today's problem also concerns appendages, albeit in slightly more abundance than my own.
Shirley Yumyums emails: "If you had hooters as big as mine, you'd show them off too!!!"
Yet again, the agonee has included a set of . . . ahem . . . bold, colourful photographs to let me know exactly what we're dealing with. And indeed, there seems to be a lot to deal with here.
Immediately, Shirley, I can't help but think two things. Firstly, you seem to be a bit skew-whiff over your vital statistics - it's no wonder you fell out of that skimpy top.
And secondly, I'm really not sure a mechanic is best person to seek advice from, despite the visual evidance showing he is keen to lend a hand - or rather, both - to provide support to your . . . er . . . ladybumps in an effort to prevent back strain.
My advice to you is simple: Invest in a new wardrobe, preferably in the form of chunky knitwear. And lose the stilettos.
Yours, as ever,

Auntie Mo x

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