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Amazing things about Wednesday, December 17:
» Asda announced they were to sell their first Christmas dinner for dogs on this day in 1995. We're guessing the revelation was followed by an embarrased silence.
» Hoorah for ladies jealous of their gentlemen friends' gentlemanly genitalia. The first stand-up toilet for women was invented in 2000. Dutch artist Moon Zijp's P-Mate invented the funnel-shaped device, which meant girls no longer needed to perch over the toilet seat.
» Film critics praised Tootsie, following its first screening in Los Angeles in 1982. We're easily amused by any man in a dress, but have to admit a particular fondness for this movie.
» The Simpsons premiered on Fox in America, with the episode "Simpsons Roasting on an Open Fire". Anybody else find the early episodes a bit frustrating to watch, or is it just us?
» Happy birthday to: Michael Cashman (53), who played bender Colin in Eastenders. He's now an MEP for the West Midlands. Also celebrating are cute Irish holidaymaker Craig Doyle (33), and kooky model and surprisingly good actress Milla Jovovich (28).
» Pantomime of the moment: Robin Hood and the Babes in the Wood, at the Malvern Theatre. The show runs until January 11, starring Hi-De-Hi's Ruth Madoc, and Richard Ellis, who played the non-entity that was Huw in Eastenders.
» Festive fact: Back to the Ukraine, where residents enjoy a traditional TWELVE-course dinner. But only once the evening star appears.

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